Questions and Answers

Who are Foreningen Flyprat?

Foreningen Flyprat is a Norwegian non-profit owning the largest Scandinavian aviation forum in addition to The name can be literally translated as "the aviation chat association".

How will the change in ownership affect

In the short term will not change. There will be minor changes to the layout and ads, but we will continue to run the site as it is now. In the longer run, we hope to develop into a thriving aviation and plane spotting community.

How can I support Airpics?

First and foremost, Airpics depends on users uploading high quality aviation photos. If you want to share your pictures, please do. If you want to support us financially, please join Foreningen Flyprat. The yearly membership fee of NOK 100 supports the development of Airpics.

Will this affect copyright of my photos?

No. All rights still belong to the photographer.

Any other questions?

Please send your questions to